20 August 2007

What Part of "Sacred" Do Humans Not Understand?!

I am having a difficult time understanding the failure of the humans in my dominion to comprehend and follow the doctrine that Kitty Paws are Sacred. If you look closely at my paws you will see they have BOTH been shaved! Not only were they shaved, but they had needles stuck in them.

I must admit my teeth were in dire need of cleaning and are now glossy and sharp as ever. I even express gratitude to my humans for providing excellent health care for me, which apparently requires access to the blood vessels in my paws. But to have both of my Sacred Paws desecrated in this manner is almost too much to bear.

Please don't attribute my displeasure to any sense of vanity. Even without fur, my rule over this house remains unquestioned. It is the simple fact that Kitty Paws are Sacred. They are not to be altered or "messed with" in any way, shape, or form, without my blessing.

I am generally a quiet house master, but I have meowed my displeasure almost constantly since this event occurred (August 9 at 8 am), and I feel I am within my rights to continue to do so until the fur on my Sacred Kitty Paws grows back!

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