25 July 2007

"Big Heart"

I always knew my kitty had a big heart, but now it's official. Felix returned from the veterinary cardiologist with a diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - an enlarged heart muscle. Although it's not causing him any problems right now, the vet suggests a low-stress life. I told her how my brilliant idea of getting Felix a little kitten sister didn't work out as I had hoped. Felix is too old for a companion with kitten exhuberance and he was stressed by the situation. It's been 4 months since the kitten was returned, and Felix still has not regained all the weight he lost during her visit.

The vet suggested he is probably just fine as an only kitty - sleeping much of the day while we're at work, then enjoying our undivided attention at night. He has to share us wth the dog, but that's different from another cat in the family. Another senior kitty (12+ years old) might work out ok, but it's best to let Felix enjoy his well-earned status as "Only Kitty" for the rest of his life....which should be many more years.

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