01 May 2007

Felix says "no" to a kitten

We adopted a kitten recently, only to be brought to the realization that Felix is no longer the young, energetic, healthy kitty I've always envisioned him to be, and not in need of a 4-month old kitten companion! Felix and the new kitten Molly got along well and he even groomed her. But her kitten exhuberance was just too much for him and he started rapidly losing weight - from 9 to 8 pounds in just 3 weeks. He's very thin at 9 pounds, and this was a dramatic weight loss considering he has weighed just over 9 pounds for the past 12 years. He was getting pounced on while sleeping, having his snuggle time with mom & dad interrupted, and having his food stolen by the kitten. The stress of a kitten combined with his recently detected heart murmur and his food being included in the recent pet food recall was just too much for him. So, the kitten went back to the adoption organization and we're hoping Felix's health returns to what it was before the kitten visited our lives.

I can no longer picture him as the young, energetic, healthy kitty of years gone by. And if I ever forget reality, his too-thin body reminds me that he's a 13-year old "senior" who has earned a little extra T.L.C and affection.