30 November 2006

Strange Coincidence? -- Another Perspective

A friend had another idea about Felix's unexpected exploration of the water bowl.

Felix feels he is #1 kitty now, and has taken over Ed's "duties"

That's an interesting idea. Smokey definately ruled the roost, but after she was gone I never could determine whether Felix or Ed was "top kitty". Of course Felix had my vote, but they seemed well matched in terms of dominance. Neither was aggressive towards the other and neither instigated any kitty tiffs. They got along like typical brothers with the occasional "you're bugging me" swat of a paw.

Felix is certainly enjoying all the attention that's being lavished on him. He sits on our laps a lot more (Ed tried to occupy my lap 100% of the time), is quite talkative, wants to play, and seems to enjoy being with us as much as he can. Maybe he's a little lonely or bored without a kitty brother, but he has our full attention and still has his dog-brother to keep an eye on.

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